www Sharp - MSHTML based wysiwyg HTML, DHTML editor, and ASP, ASP.Net, PHP RAD and .Net IDE

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www-Sharp is a professional easy-to-use MSHTML (IE)-based wysiwyg  HTML and DHTML editor and RAD for both server-side and client-side HTML applications.

For server-side HTML applications www-Sharp includes syntax editor with highlighting for many languages including JScript, VBScript, C#, VB.Net, JScript.Net, PHP, Perl and many others. ASP.Net developers could create .Net assemblies with .Net IDE.

For client-side HTML applications www-Sharp includes powerfull HTML editor that combines syntax editor with wysiwyg HTML designer based on Internet Explorer with many unique features such as DOM tree preview/edit, script-based editing of HTML pages, HTML formatter, customized editors for HTML controls.

HTML applications (HTA) compiler allows create full featured compiled HTML applications. Hosting .Net objects makes those applications as powerfull as C# or VB.Net applications.

Visual snippets (snippet can be HTML page with embedded script that is used to build actual snippet text) and other tools will make working with source code very convenient.

Additional tools included in www-Sharp will help with development of HTML and DHTML applications. These tools include: 

Visual editor for HTML files with many unique features;
XML editor
Visual editor for XML files;
RTF editor
Editor for RTF files;
Text editor
Text editor with syntax highlighting for many languages;
HTML help project
IDE for HTML help projects;
.Net project
IDE for .Net (C#, VB.Net, JScript.Net) projects;
WMI viewer
Windows management interfaces viewer;
ADS (ADSI) viewer
Active directory services viewer;
Database viewer
Database explorer;
COM type libraries explorer
Object browser for COM objects;
.Net assemblies explorer
Object browser for .Net assemblies.

www-Sharp allows quickly create html pages and use newest technologies such as HTML+TIME 2.0.

www-Sharp includes www-Sharp.Runtime - in-process web-server that greatly enhances HTML application model introduced in Internet Explorer 5. www-Sharp.Runtime allows run PHP/ASP/ASP.Net/ISAPI applications without need for standalone web-server.

www-Sharp.Runtime, freeware

www-Sharp.Runtime is a pluggable protocol handler that works as in-process web-server and lets run HTML applications (HTA) and web-based applications (PHP, ASP.Net applications)  on local computer.

www-Sharp.Runtime supports:

www-Sharp.Runtime significanlty extends HTA model introduced by Microsoft with Internet Explorer 4. With www-Sharp.Runtime it is possible to run ASP/PHP/ASP.Net/ISAPI applications without running web-server. Because www-Sharp.Runtime works as in-process server, it is possible to exchange data (strings, numbers, COM objects) between different parts of application - for example, between PHP code and ASP.Net code or between server-side script and client-side script. To run HTA with www-Sharp.Runtime - just enter its URL in run dialog, for example - www-sharp://www-Sharp.Admin/.

www-Sharp.ClrHost SDK, freeware

www-Sharp.ClrHost is an extension for HTML applications (HTA). It lets compile HTA into single file (like HTML help file) and host .Net objects in HTML application.

www-Sharp.ClrHost SDK lets you:

Minimal requirements


If you have any questions about www-Sharp or want to send bug-report, please write support@www-sharp.com


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