Developing PHP application with www-Sharp

www-Sharp is the Rapid Application Development (RAD) and one of its goals is to be RAD for  PHP applications.

www-Sharp contains text editor with PHP syntax highlight (PHP code is highlighted in HTML pages too and HTML highlighter should be used to highlight PHP code).

HTML editor supports embedded PHP code (in design mode PHP is treated as comment). To be really designable in wysiwyg mode, HTML page should contain more HTML code than PHP code.

www-Sharp.Runtime that is included with www-Sharp supports executing PHP project without standalone web server such as IIS or Apache. Select Tools\wwwSharp.Runtime.Admin in menu and add new domain to www-sharp protocol. Then enter www-sharp://your_domain_name/startup.php (where your_domain_name is domain name entered during domain setup and startup.php is file name in project directory, index.php could be used as default) in Internet Explorer and you will see your page. www-Sharp.Runtime let you work with as many projects as you need. It is possible also to use www-Sharp.Runtime to run php-based utilities such as phpMyAdmin on client computer.

If you are designing PHP page and want to preview it,  open project (select "Open project" button on toolbar - it is first and enter project name and root directory), save file and choose File\Preview HTML in menu. You will see PHP page. If while opening project you enter URL - it will be used as root (this makes possible to use IIS or Apache to preview PHP pages), if not - www-Sharp.Runtime will be used.

Many additional tools included with www-Sharp such as scripted snippets, XML wysiwyg editor, Script Console (supports PHP through php_cli.exe), Database Viewer and others will simplify developing PHP application.