www-Sharp.ClrHost - host .Net framework in compiled HTML applications


www-Sharp.ClrHost - component that hosts .Net framework in HTML applications inside IE (Internet explorer). It loads .Net runtime on demand and lets you create .Net object to use them in scripts (JScript, VBScript, PerlScript, Python and others ActiveX scripts that could be executed on HTML page).

www-Sharp.ClrHost is designed to be used from HTML applications (HTA) and files located on user computer using file: protocol. www-Sharp.ClrHost contains also HTA compiler that can produce compiled HTML applications.

Usign .Net objects from HTML applications makes them a very powerfull alternative for standard Win32 and .Net Windows forms applications. Attractive user interface created in HTML and DHTML and powered by CSS combined with power of .Net framework and compiled with www-Sharp will make developement easy and rapid and applications attractive to end-users.

www-Sharp.ClrHost can also be used to place custom .Net controls onto HTML page. Only COM-visible controls are supported. Some .Net controls can not be placed on HTML page.

Main features:

Minimal requirements:


If you have any questions about www-Sharp.ClrHost or want to send bug-report, please write support@www-sharp.com