Editors in www-Sharp

www-Sharp has some editors that are used to create new and modify existing documents for Web application. Those editors are:

HTML editor
Text and wysiwyg HTML and DHTML editor. Has 4 panes: editor (edit HTML documents in text mode with syntax highlight), preview (preview editing file in browser), designed (wysiwyg design based on MSHTML - editor built-in Internet Explorer), DOM (view and edit HTML documents DOM tree).
XML editor
Text and wysiwyg XML editor. Has 2 panes: editor (edit XML documents with syntax highlight) and designer (wysiwyg design XML document tree).
Text editor
Text editor with syntax highlight for many languages. Could be used to create and modify HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JScript, VBScript, Perl and many other formats.
RTF editor
Editor for RTF files.
IDE for Microsoft HTML help projects.
.Net IDE
IDE for Microsoft .Net framework - create .Net-based applications and assemblies for www-Sharp HTML applications.