www-Sharp syntax highlight editor


www-Sharp includes powerfull text editor with syntax highlighting. For list of supported formats look View\Highlighter in program menu.

www-Sharp syntax highlight editor can be used as text editor, java editor, php editor, HTML text editor, CSS editor.

www-Sharp syntax editor supports bookmarks, printing with print preview, displaying non-printable symbols and many other features.

Text that is inside syntax editor can be compared with contents of other file (choose View\Compare with in program menu), converted in another codepage (choose View\Convert code page in program menu).

To customize www-Sharp syntax editor choose View\Settings in program menu and go to User interface\Syntax editor entry. Highlighters can be customized with User interface\Highlighters settings.

Syntax editor supports some drop-down menus:

www-Sharp drop-down menus are multi-level. You can go to next level by pressing CTRL+ENTER, return to previous level by pressing BACKSPACE.