www-Sharp XML wysiwyg editor


www-Sharp wysiwyg XML editor is one of the most powerfull tools for editing XML, XSL, XSD files. It consists of Editor and Designer part.

Editor is used to manually edit XML file.

Designer provides visual interface that lets you edit and format XML files.

XML editor

Designer has 4 main parts - XML tree, Attributes panel, Node XML panel and XPath combobox.

XML tree represents document as tree. You can click on any node to display its attributes in attributes panel and XML in Node XML panel. XML tree lets you drag-and-drop node to change its location.

Attributes panel shows node's attributes. Attributes can have child nodes - text and entity reference nodes. Value column is editable.

Node XML panel shows node XML . You can edit node XML and update it by pressing CTRL+ENTER keys.

Toolbar has buttons to insert/delete nodes, validate XML document, transform node XML with XSL template and setup XML transformation parameters (PrettyXML).

XPath combobox contains XPath query that is applied to document. Empty query means whole XML document.