www-Sharp.Runtime - embedded web server


www-Sharp.Runtime - in-process web-server that greatly enhances HTML application model introduced in Internet Explorer 5. www-Sharp.Runtime allows run PHP/ASP/ASP.Net/ISAPI applications without need for standalone web-server.

www-Sharp.Runtime is a pluggable protocol handler that works as in-process web-server.

www-Sharp.Runtime supports:

www-Sharp.Runtime significanlty extends HTA model introduced by Microsoft with Internet Explorer 4. With www-Sharp.Runtime it is possible to run ASP/PHP/ASP.Net/ISAPI applications without running web-server. Because www-Sharp.Runtime works as in-process server, it is possible to exchange data (strings, numbers, COM objects) between different parts of application - for example, between PHP code and ASP.Net code or between server-side script and client-side script. To run HTA with www-Sharp.Runtime - just enter its URL in run dialog, for example - www-sharp://www-Sharp.Admin/.

Minimal requirements:


If you have any questions about www-Sharp.Runtime or want to send bug-report, please write support@www-sharp.com