www-Sharp Script Console


www-Sharp script console lets you execute scripts and immediately see its output. It is very usefull for debugging purposes and just to see what specific function does.

www-Sharp script console supports ActiveX script engines such as JScript, VBScript, PerlScript, Python (only JScript and VBScript are installed with Internet Explorer, other engines should be installed separately), JScript.Net (requires .Net Framework 1.1), batch files, PHP scripts (through php_cli.exe) and .Net programs (one-unit program that compiles on the fly and sends its output into output window). You can execute script by pressing button on toolbar or by pressing CTRL+ENTER.

Script console

Script engines used by www-Sharp s cript console could be separated on two groups:

Script objects:

"Host" object is used to collect output from script.

Method Description
Write(ouput: string) Sends output into output window
WriteLn(output: string) Sends output into output window and appends end-of-line marker
WriteLine(output: string) Sends output into output window and appends end-of-line marker
MsgBox(value: string; caption: string; buttons: int): int Shows message box with specified text, caption and buttons. Function is analog of MsgBox funtion in VBScript.
ExporeObject(obj: Object) Shows "COM Object Explorer" dialog and lets you examine/change object properties.

"Application" object represents www-Sharp application. Look www-Sharp objects for details.

Custom objects - you can add custom objects that will be available from script. Custom object is script file written in any supported script language (JScript, VBScript and any other installed ActiveX script). You can refer this script as object with name you assigned to it in "Select script objects" dialog that can be invoked from toolbar. This script file should have no global code because it can be loaded/unloaded on any time.

For script you can select type libraries ("Select type liraries" button on toolbar). You can then access constants that are defined in this type libraries. Class names defined in type libraries are not available.

With "Edit .Net references" you can select .Net assemblies that will be referenced by JScript.Net script or .Net program.